Hospital Bracelet and Patient ID Barcode Wristbands


Z-Band UltraSoft Wristbands Specifications

Featuring one adult and infant wristband, this two-part wristband solution (that can be printed twice) helps ensure that every newborn if properly identified and matched to their mother and birth partner.


Z-Band UltraSoft:
Offering durability caregivers can rely on, ensuring the correct and
timely care of patients.
• Independent lab tests show that it is up to 6X more durable to
hand sanitizers than the leading competitor.*
One of the softest wristbands in the market
• The flexible and supple polypropylene material features a soft-feel
coating to reduce the instances of scratches or cuts on those with
sensitive skin.
Available in standard and bracelet shapes
• The bracelet shape features a removable carrier that allows the size
of the band to be reduced without impacting the size of the patient
information area, resulting in a more comfortable band for the
Available as a Maternity ID Solution
• Streamline the identification process with the print of an adult and
infant wristband in one set, enabling identification and association
of a mother and her newborn baby


Z-Band UltraSoft Wristbands Specifications
Z-Band UltraSoft Part Number Size
Standard Shape
• One of the softest direct
thermal wristband in
the market
• Adhesive closure
• Resistance to hand
sanitizers such as Purell®
10015355K (White)
10015355-2K* (Blue)
10015355-3K (Green)
10015355-5K (Pink)
1″ x 11″
25mm x 275mm
10015356K .075” x 11” / 19mm x 279mm
10015357K 1” x 7” / 25mm x 178mm
10015358K 1” x 6” / 25m m x 152mm
Bracelet Shape*
10033832K White
10033832-1K Red
10033832-2K Blue
10033832-3K Green
10033832-4K Yellow
10033832-5K Pink
1” x 10.75”
25mm x 273.05mm
10026691K (White)
10026692K (Pink)
1” x 7” / 25mm x 178mm
Maternity ID Solution (1 Adult and 1 Infant Wristband in 1 Set)
Total set: 1” x 17” / 25mm x 432mm
Adult Size: 1” x 11” / 25mm x 279mm
Infant Size: 1” x 6” / 25mm x 152mm
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Not available in EMEA
1” X 7”
1” X 6”
1” X 6”

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