Honeywell HF600 2D Presentation Area-imaging Barcode Scanner

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Switch for Mobile Scanning
  • Sleep Mode With IR Activation
  • Intelligent Lighting Technology
  • 2D





Designed with leading technology and superior performance, Honeywell launches a new hands-free area-imaging scanner HF600, which can be widely used in multiple applications, such as retail POS, logistics tracking, pharmacy, and office automation.


  • Ergonomic
  • Design: 2-modular body design with a large window can easily meet various scanning needs -Switch for
  • Mobile Scanning: a single button enables the optimal scanning of 2D barcodes on mobile phones, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction -Sleep Mode With
  • IR Activation: effectively reduces power consumption, extends product life, and lowers operating costs -Intelligent
  • Lighting Technology: with 3 adjustable lighting options, scanner illumination is optimized for superior 2D scanning performance and high motion tolerance



  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 87.4 mm× 98.2 mm×170mm
  • Weight: 340g Electrical
  • Input Voltage: 5 VDC ± 0.5
  • V Operating Power: 2W (400mA @5V) (typical)
  • Standby Power: 0.45W (90mA @5V) (typical) DC
  • Power Supply: Class 2:5.
  • 2VDC @1A Certification: China RoHS
  • Environmental Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
  • Humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing
  • Light Levels: 100, 000LUX
  • Drop: Designed to withstand 1 m drop Scanning
  • Performance Light Source: Visible diode 610 to 620nm
  • Beeper: 3 intensity levels high medium and low
  • Visual Indicators: Steady White and Blue = ready to scan; Flashing Blue = good read Host
  • System Interfaces: USB RS232 Serial KBW Scan Pattern: Presentation scan; mobile scan
  • Print Contrast: 35% minimum reflectance difference
  • Tilt Pitch Skew: 60°, 60°, 70°
  • Decode Capability: Reads Typical Performance* Narrow Width Depth of Field 5 mil Code39 0mm – 40mm 6.7 mil PDF417 0mm –74mm 10mil Data Matrix 0mm – 73mm 13mil UPC-A 0mm – 253mm 20mil QR 0mm – 191mm 20mil
  • Code39 0mm – 334mm *Resolution:1D: 5 mil ( 0.127 mm), PDF417 6.7 mil ( 0.170 mm) *Performance may be impacted by bar code quality and environmental conditions

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