Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF

  • Face mask wearing alert: If the recognizing face does not wear a mask, the device will prompt a voice reminder. At the same time, the authentication or attendance is valid
  • Forced mask wearing alert: If the recognizing face does not wear a mask, the device will prompt a voice reminder. At the same time, the authentication or attendance will be failed

 39,800  42,000


Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF: An Access Terminal for Pakistan

The Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF is a value series face access terminal that offers various features and benefits, including face recognition and mask-wearing alerts. Here is an overview of its key features and specifications:


    • Value Series: DS-K1T341AMF by Hikvision is a valuable access terminal designed to meet the needs of access control and attendance management in Pakistan.
    • Face Mask Alerts: This device is equipped with a built-in face mask alert system. If a recognized person is not wearing a mask, it will issue a voice reminder. Authentication or attendance remains valid. Alternatively, it can be configured to enforce mask-wearing for authentication and attendance.
    • High Capacity: With the capacity to store data for up to 3,000 faces, 3,000 fingerprints, and 3,000 cards, it’s perfectly suited for various applications in Pakistan.
    • Impressive Display: The 4.3-inch LCD touch screen and 2-megapixel wide-angle lens make it user-friendly and clear for operation.
    • Two-Way Audio: Enjoy seamless communication with two-way audio support using client software, indoor stations, and master stations, ideal for local interactions.
    • Network Connectivity: The DS-K1T341AMF supports TCP/IP and can be configured via a web client for a hassle-free setup, perfectly tailored for Pakistan’s network requirements.
    • Fast and Accurate Recognition: It offers rapid face recognition within 0.2 seconds, with an accuracy rate of over 99%, even from a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 meters.
    • Additional Features: Benefit from QR code recognition, face anti-spoofing, audio prompts, and time synchronization, all suited for Pakistan’s specific needs.

  • Robust Specifications:
    1. Display: 4.3-inch LCD with a capacitive touch screen
    2. Video: 2MP camera with wide-angle lens
    3. Audio: Noise suppression and echo cancellation
    4. Network: Supports wired networks with various interfaces, ideal for Pakistan’s network setup
    5. Capacity: Store up to 3,000 cards, faces, fingerprints, and up to 150,000 events
    6. Authentication: Supports Mifare 1 cards with quick recognition, widely used in Pakistan
    7. General: Operates in a wide temperature range, is IP65 protected, and supports multiple languages for local adaptation
    8. Installation: Designed for surface mounting, ensuring easy installation in Pakistan

  • Local Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with Pakistan-specific platforms like Hik-ProConnect and HikCentral Professional.

Select the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF for a reliable, value-driven, and feature-rich solution for access control and attendance management tailored for Pakistan.



  • Display
  • Dimensions4.3-inch
  • TypeLCD
  • Operation MethodCapacitive touch screen
  • Video
  • Pixel2 MP
  • Lens× 2
  • Audio
  • Tone QualityNoise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Network
  • Wired Network10 M/100 M/1000 M self-adaptive
  • Communication ProtocolSDK; ISUP; ISAPI; HTTPS; HikCentral Pro OpenAPI; Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI
  • Interface
  • Network Interface1
  • Wiegand1
  • Lock Output1
  • Exit Button1
  • Door Contact Input1
  • Power Interface2-pin
  • Capacity
  • Card Capacity3,000
  • Face Capacity3,000
  • Fingerprint Capacity3,000
  • Event Capacity150,000
  • Authentication
  • Card TypeMifare 1 card
  • Card Reading Frequency13.56MHz
  • Face Recognition Duration< 0.2 s
  • Face Recognition Accuracy Rate>99%
  • Face Recognition Distance0.3 to 1.5 m
  • Fingerprint Recognition Duration<1s
  • Function
  • QR Code RecognitionSupport
  • Face Anti-SpoofingSupport
  • Audio PromptSupport
  • Time SynchronizationSupport
  • General
  • ButtonTouch Screen
  • Power Supply Method2 pin connecter
  • Working Temperature-30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F)
  • Working Humidity0 to 90% (No condensing)
  • Dimensions172.5 mm × 83.2 mm × 22.7 mm (6.79″ × 3.27″ × 0.89″)
  • Protective LevelIP65
  • InstallationSurface mounting
  • LanguageEnglish, Spanish (South America), Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • PlatformHik-ProConnect and HikCentral Professional


What is the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF price in Pakistan?


You can find the latest pricing for the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF access control device on our website atcglobal.pk. We offer competitive rates and special deals for customers in Pakistan.


Where can I buy the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF in Pakistan?


You can purchase the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF from ATC GLOBAL, an authorized Hikvision dealer in Pakistan. Visit our website or contact our sales team for details.


Is the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF available in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad?


Yes, we provide nationwide coverage in Pakistan, including major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. You can order the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF from anywhere in Pakistan through our website.


How to install the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF access control device?


ATC GLOBAL offers professional installation services for the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF in Pakistan. Our experienced technicians will ensure a smooth and secure setup at your location. Contact us for installation details.


What are the key features of the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF?


The Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF boasts advanced features such as fingerprint recognition, RFID support, and user-friendly interfaces. Visit our product page on atcglobal.pk for a detailed list of its key features.


Is the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF compatible with Hik-Connect for remote monitoring?


Yes, the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF can be integrated with Hik-Connect for convenient remote monitoring. Our experts can guide you through the setup process to keep an eye on your access control system from anywhere in Pakistan.


What is the warranty period for the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF in Pakistan?


The Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF comes with a standard warranty. For specific warranty details and after-sales support, please refer to the warranty information on our website or get in touch with our customer support team.


Can the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF be integrated with other security systems in Pakistan?


Yes, the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF is compatible with various security systems. Contact us to discuss integration options with your existing security infrastructure in Pakistan.


What type of authentication methods does the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF support?


The Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF supports multiple authentication methods, including fingerprint recognition and RFID card access. It provides flexible and secure options for user verification.


How to troubleshoot common issues with the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF in Pakistan?


Visit our website for troubleshooting guides and tips to resolve common issues with the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF. You can also contact our support team for immediate assistance in Pakistan.


Is the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF suitable for residential use in Pakistan?


While the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF is designed for commercial and industrial applications, it can also be used for residential security in Pakistan. Contact us to discuss how it can meet your specific needs.


What are the security benefits of using the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF in businesses in Pakistan?


Implementing the Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF in your business in Pakistan enhances security by providing precise access control and monitoring. It helps protect your assets and ensures a safer working environment.

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