Types of Automatic Gates

Intelligent Security and Fire offer a range of gates that will accommodate the needs of our customers. When our surveyors visit you as part of our free site survey they will ask you about your requirements for any potential installation. When considering an installation there are a number of choices to be made; one of these is which kind of gate to choose. There are two main kinds of automatic gates, swing gates, and sliding gates:

Automatic Swing Gates

A swing gate system is a pair of gates that swing open when operated using a remote control or an access control panel. This is the most common sort of gate. Swinging gates tend to be cheaper and easier to install than sliding gates, and are best installed in premises with space for the gates to swing inwards into the property, although it is possible to have swinging gates open outwards.

Intelligent Security and Fire’s swing gate systems provide security for both pedestrians and vehicles by safely controlling access to the premises. The gates will typically be operated by a single press of your remote control, the gates opening, allowing a delay, and then safely closing.

A Typical Automatic Swing Gate Installation

An Intelligent Security and Fire swing gate system is constructed from:

  • One or two wooden or metal gates, designed in order to fit in with the surroundings and your own requirements,
  • A pair of remote controls in order to operate the system from your vehicle,
  • A pair of gate operators- these are the mechanisms that open and close the gate,
  • A control panel with which to control access to the premises,
  • An intercom or numeric keypad, which can be used either for access control or entry without remote control,
  • A pair of photoelectric cells. These are sensors that detect the presence of people or vehicles in the way of the gate in order to prevent accidents or damage to vehicles.

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