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Walk-through gates are essential security devices used to screen individuals for weapons, metal objects, and other prohibited items in various settings, including airports, schools, government buildings, and public venues. In Pakistan, walk-through gates are widely used to enhance security measures and ensure public safety. In this guide, we’ll provide a detailed overview of walk through gate price in Pakistan, covering different models and specifications to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Understanding Walk-Through Gates

Purpose and Functionality

Walk-through gates are designed to detect metal objects, weapons, and other contraband items carried by individuals passing through the gate. These devices use metal detection technology, electromagnetic fields, and sensors to identify metallic objects and trigger an alarm if any suspicious items are detected.

Types of Walk-Through Gates

Walk-through gates come in various types and configurations, including single-zone, multi-zone, and advanced models with additional features such as temperature screening and facial recognition. The number of detection zones determines the gate’s sensitivity and ability to detect concealed objects with precision.

Walk-Through Gate Prices in Pakistan

1. 6-Zone Walk-Through Gate

  • Price: ₨ 155,000 (Discounted from ₨ 195,000)
  • Features: 6 detection zones, suitable for medium to high-security environments, ideal for schools, shopping malls, and government buildings.

2. 12-Zone Walk-Through Gate

  • Price: ₨ 165,000 (Discounted from ₨ 215,000)
  • Features: 12 detection zones, enhanced sensitivity and precision, suitable for high-security settings such as airports, train stations, and stadiums.

3. Multi Zone-18 Walk-Through Gate

  • Price: ₨ 175,000 (Original price ₨ 235,000)
  • Features: 18 detection zones, advanced security features, customizable settings, suitable for critical infrastructure, military installations, and border crossings.

Factors Affecting Walk-Through Gate Prices

1. Detection Zones and Sensitivity

The amount of detection areas and the degree of data privacy will affect the walk through gate price in Pakistan (the product’s sensitivity, security, and privacy can impact its price). Barriers (gates) with some specified detection zones and the level of sensibility can be more expensive as compared to others because of more features and capabilities.

2. Brand and Manufacturer

The brand reputation and the manufacturer’s commitment will also be the basis in the case of walk-through gate prices. Well-known brands that are known for the quality, dependability, and experience of their clients will have higher prices compared to not known brands.

3. New Capabilities and Technology Will be Added

Walk through gates may be equipped more with features like temperature screening, facial recognition and data logging among others. This would greatly cause the walk through gate price in pakistan to be higher since there will be an integration of more advanced technology and specialized components.

4. Installation and Maintenance

Both installation and maintenance costs should make an integral part of building-underground-gates cost estimates. However, professional installation services and ongoing support contracts for gate maintenance may involve additional amounts of money. Yet, this investment ensures good gate performance and its long and faultless operation.


The walk-through gates should not be overlooked as their function is serviceable in implementing security and safety strategies at different public and private settings in Pakistan. Knowledge of the walk through gate price in Pakistan and models of the different telescopic security gate models must be had in order to be able to choose them that suit the nature of your security requirements and your budget limit. Whether there are 6-zone or many multi-zone gate systems having advanced features, these options exist to suit your specific needs and preferences. Through a process of looking into parameters such as detection areas, brand reputation, extra features, and installation/ maintenance costs, you can make the well-reasoned decision and acquire walk-through gates that have the highest effectiveness in securing your organization or facility.

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